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Carlton Junior School
  • "The headteacher, governors and senior leaders are highly ambitious for all pupils."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The Reception provision is good. Outdoors and indoors, children access interesting and well planned learning experiences."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils from different cultural backgrounds, including those at an early stage of learning English, achieve well."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils behave well, enjoy their lessons and are proud of their school. They say how safe and well cared for they feel."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Parents are positive about the school's work. They value the ways in which staff prepare their children for life in modern Britain, and in their local multi-cultural community."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school is led by an inspirational headteacher. She has high expectations of all pupils, and is highly regarded by parents, and by all who work alongside her."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of teaching in Reception is good. Children from different cultures and heritages happily play together. They display overall positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of pupils' learning is good. They cooperate well together in groups, persevere well as individuals, and make good use of opportunities to share and refine their ideas with each other."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Teaching is good because most teachers plan interesting activities that encourage pupils to think for themselves."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school's motto 'dream, aspire, achieve' underpins pupils' good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Staff help all children to become confident citizens of the future."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school promotes exceptionally well the fundamental British values of freedom, law and, equality of opportunity."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Partnerships with parents are good. Parents express confidence in the work of the school, and the impact that it has on their children's lives."
    OFSTED 2015
Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School

2016/17 - Autumn Term


Thank you to all our Mums, Dads & Carers for coming to watch the children perform their Nativity. We think you will agree that they were all amazing! We are so proud of all the children. Enjoy their performance again below:




Week Beginning 28th November 2016

We wrote about our trip to Sundown. We are all getting really good at applying our phonic knowledge in our writing!

What a brilliant way to kick start our learning about Christmas!

We read 'Dear Father Christmas'. This inspired our children to write to Father Christmas asking him to come to Sundown and you'll never guess what, he replied!!

Week Beginning 14th November 2016

We had a lot of fun making papier mache planets!

The children have written their own fact book about planets! Take a look below at some fabulous writing!






We have done a super job learning all about 2d shapes and describing their properties. We recognise circle, square rectangle, triangle, semi circle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon! We made shape pictures in provision and some of us played 'What am I?' in our maths lessons.








Week Beginning 7th November 2016

Reception learned all about Remembrance Day. We watched the video below and talked about why we wear poppies. Children also made their own poppy pictures during provision time. We also observed a 2 minute silence with the rest of the school to remember all the people and animals who died in conflict.


We made poppy prints using apple halves for the head and carrot ends for the seeds. 



The children have loved learning facts about planets. Listen to the superb facts they have learned, here...

We learned a song about planets

Week Beginning 31st October 2016

We learned all about Bonfire Night and Fire Safety this week. We were really safe and sensible when we held our own sparklers - take a look...

We celebrated Diwali this week and made beautiful divas.

What an exciting week in Reception! Aliens landed in our playground...

It was just an ordinary Monday or so we thought...

Meet Zip and Zap...


We replied to the letter from Zip and Zap's Parents and walked down to the local post office.

Zip and Zap love being in our classroom...

Zap wanted to learn how to read and write...


 We will be learning lots of facts about planets over the next couple of weeks. Please share the song below with your child, the children have enjoyed listening to it in the classroom.

Week Beginning 17th October 2016

Week beginning Monday 10th October 2016

This week the children have been learning all about how to keep healthy. We started off the week talking about why it is important to wash our hands and when we should wash our hands. We learned that we should wash our hands:

After visiting the toilet.

After playing outside.

After touching animals.

After coughing and sneezing.

Before eating our meals.

We then learned to wash our hands correctly to ensure we wash all the germs away. We are really impressed with how the children have remembered the correct sequence and we have noticed this is how they are now trying to wash their hands after visiting the toilet and before eating their lunch.


We then looked at the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and learned that eating too many sweet foods is not good for our teeth. Mrs McKelvey showed us how to brush our teeth properly and we then had a go ourselves!

We learned about healthy and unhealthy foods and talked about why they are good/bad for us. We decided that even though unhealthy foods are not good for us, it is OK to eat them occasionally as a treat!! We worked in groups to play a sorting game with Miss Bobat and then went away and accessed the same game in provision and completed it independently.


We made healthy food plates.

We ended the week making healthy fruit kebabs, they were yummy! Thank you to all our parents for contributing to our baking fund.

Week Beginning Monday 4th October 2016

This week we have been learning all about our 5 senses. Take a look at all the fabulous learning that has taken place below:

Week Beginning 3rd October 2016

The children have been singing lots of songs related to our topic on Ourselves - enjoy! 

This week we will be teaching the children all about the 5 senses as part of our 'Ourselves' topic. We will do this through fun and practical activities which we're sure the children will love. Please share the video below with your child. 

Week beginning 26th September 2016

We have made a super start to our phonics lessons. Thank you to all our parents for supporting your child with their daily phonics homework. Take a look at some of our phonics super stars below!

This week the children have been thinking about people who are special to them. Thank you to all the  parents who sent in family photos, they were a fantastic talking prompt for the children. The children also drew brilliant pictures of the people most special to them. Please take a look at the video below to see their fabulous work.

Take a look at the Finger Gym challenges your child takes part in every morning from 8.55am - 9.15am

This week we will be reading 'Owl Babies'. Please share the video below with your child and ask them lots of questions about the story, for example -  What is the story called? What are the baby owls called? Why are they sad? Where did mummy owl go? How did the baby owls feel when their mummy went?  How did they feel when she came back? 


We have made a brilliant start in our Maths lessons!

We made our very own self-portraits as part of our topic work on 'Ourselves'.


We learned how to work together to make dens outside!

We celebrated Eid-Ul-Adha with a party!!

 Please take a look at how well your child has settled in by viewing the videos below of their first day in School!