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Carlton Junior School
  • "The headteacher, governors and senior leaders are highly ambitious for all pupils."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The Reception provision is good. Outdoors and indoors, children access interesting and well planned learning experiences."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils from different cultural backgrounds, including those at an early stage of learning English, achieve well."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils behave well, enjoy their lessons and are proud of their school. They say how safe and well cared for they feel."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Parents are positive about the school's work. They value the ways in which staff prepare their children for life in modern Britain, and in their local multi-cultural community."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school is led by an inspirational headteacher. She has high expectations of all pupils, and is highly regarded by parents, and by all who work alongside her."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of teaching in Reception is good. Children from different cultures and heritages happily play together. They display overall positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of pupils' learning is good. They cooperate well together in groups, persevere well as individuals, and make good use of opportunities to share and refine their ideas with each other."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Teaching is good because most teachers plan interesting activities that encourage pupils to think for themselves."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school's motto 'dream, aspire, achieve' underpins pupils' good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Staff help all children to become confident citizens of the future."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school promotes exceptionally well the fundamental British values of freedom, law and, equality of opportunity."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Partnerships with parents are good. Parents express confidence in the work of the school, and the impact that it has on their children's lives."
    OFSTED 2015
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Year 1


Welcome back to Year One!

I am delighted to have joined Carlton Junior and Infant School and what a wonderful Year One class I have! We have had a brilliant first week getting to know each other and I know it is going to be a fantastic year.

Mrs Almond



We have had a lovely day in Year 1 today. In English we used adjectives to describe barn Owls. I was so impressed with all the descriptive words the children used in their writing.




This week in literacy we have been learning how to write a non-chronological report. The children decided they would like to write a report on dogs, which was fine until we realised that we didn’t know very much about dogs…

So Mrs Almond had a bright idea and decided to bring her dog Jenson in for the morning so the children could experience looking after a dog. The children had a brilliant morning and learning how to groom Jenson, what he needed to eat everyday and were able to have a close up look at his claws.


Over the last few weeks the children in Year One have been reading the story, Pumpkin Soup in English. They decided it would be fun to end the unit by making their own delicious pumpkin soup. The children worked in 2 small groups and had to follow a set of instructions which they did brilliantly. All the children said they absolutely loved making pumpkin soup. Take a look at the photos below:


This week Year 1 have come back in to school a little bit more taller and with a fantastic mindset ready to learn.

Please can we remind all parents that children need to bring their reading books back in to school regularly with a comment written in their reading record. That way we can listen to the children read a book that is more familiar to them and they will be able to answer the comprehension questions that we give them.

We hope that you all had a fantastic break and are already enjoying 2017!

In literacy we have been reading the story Pumpkin Soup. The children looked at features of the story and then moved onto looking at inference questions. They have also been thinking about actions they could use to help retell the story to the rest of the class. Take a look at Maariya's work below:


In science we have started our new topic of looking at materials and we looked at a range of everyday objects and discussed what they were made from. The children have also been learning how to weave with paper. Next week they will be weaving with natural materials.

We have started a new unit in Music and this half term we will be learning songs from musicals and Disney movies. On Thursday we learn't the song from the Jungle Book.


Read some of our letters to the dragon...



This week you will never believe what happened in Year 1! A dragon crash landed in our classroom and needed our help to learn how to fly. The children did a fantastic job of writing some instructions to give the dragon useful suggestions of how they could fly home again. As a reward, the dragon left us some dragon eggs which we then used to help us with our weighing work.

We have now started writing letters to the dragon and hopefully she will write back soon!


We would also like to say thank you to everyone for the superb effort all the children put in to dressing up for Children in Need.




This week the children have been learning how to write instructions for jam sandwiches. To make this as meaningful for the children as possible the first step was for them to actually make their own jam sandwiches in class, which some children thought were the best jam sandwiches they had ever tasted!! Next week we will be having some little visitors in class and we will continue our instruction writing for them (More will be revealed next week!)










This week the children have really enjoyed singing in the Harvest Festival. We really do have a class full of enthusiastic singers this year. The children have also enjoyed singing one of their favourite songs about a spooky ghost and they have also started to learn one of their new songs ready for the Christmas performance: Hosanna Rock.


Can I remind grownups that Bug Club is up and running. Please check your child’s homework book for their log in details. If you have any problems or would like to see a demonstration, then please just ask.


The children have worked incredibly hard and I can’t believe we have fitted everything we have done into just one week! At the end of last week, the children did an amazing job of taking their house designs and created either a 3D house or a 2D one using collarge. I’m sure you will agree they have done an amazing job!


In maths we have been looking at inverse operations to understand how we can check our addition number sentence by using a subtraction! The children have loved problem solving now they are more confident using addition and subtraction and there is no tricking them – as Miss Akram found out!



In literacy this week the children have been looking at books with a familiar setting. They have enjoyed reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea and have become confident in retelling the story as the videos show. As the week has moved on the children have compared The Tiger Who Came to Tea with another story by the same author and have started to plan their own version of the story. They have worked incredibly hard and have had some wonderful ideas so I know their own stories will be amazing when they write them on Friday.


This week to help us to get some ideas for our art topic of creating 3D houses we went for a little walk to have a look at the houses near to school. We thought about the materials they were built with and the design of the house. When we came back in to class we discussed what our own house looks like and what houses looked like in the past. In the coming weeks we are going to be designing and creating a 3d house. If anyone has any cereal boxes they would like to bring in please, then that would be very helpful.


We have had a very busy week this week in Year 1. Following the Roald Dalh centenary we started thinking about our favourite books and then we looked at the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We continued this in to our writing, using information books to research fire engines. Children then wrote a simple sentence about them, remembering to start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.

In art we continued our science theme of looking at ourselves and the children used paints to create a portrait of themselves.


Shortly Bug Club passwords will be coming home in children’s homework books so that they are able to log in at home. Please take time to look at this with your child as it is another opportunity for reading and provides lots of comprehension opportunities.


This week in literacy we have started to look at labels and captions, using our imagination to think of other objects a simple stick might be.

In numeracy we have been counting and looking at our number bonds.

Thank you to all the parents that I have met so far. Thank you to all the parents who attended the welcome meeting this week.

Mrs Almond



We enjoyed playing party games on the field at our Eid party and eating yummy food. Thank you for all the food contributions.