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Carlton Junior School
  • "The headteacher, governors and senior leaders are highly ambitious for all pupils."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The Reception provision is good. Outdoors and indoors, children access interesting and well planned learning experiences."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils from different cultural backgrounds, including those at an early stage of learning English, achieve well."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils behave well, enjoy their lessons and are proud of their school. They say how safe and well cared for they feel."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Parents are positive about the school's work. They value the ways in which staff prepare their children for life in modern Britain, and in their local multi-cultural community."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school is led by an inspirational headteacher. She has high expectations of all pupils, and is highly regarded by parents, and by all who work alongside her."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of teaching in Reception is good. Children from different cultures and heritages happily play together. They display overall positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of pupils' learning is good. They cooperate well together in groups, persevere well as individuals, and make good use of opportunities to share and refine their ideas with each other."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Teaching is good because most teachers plan interesting activities that encourage pupils to think for themselves."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school's motto 'dream, aspire, achieve' underpins pupils' good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Staff help all children to become confident citizens of the future."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school promotes exceptionally well the fundamental British values of freedom, law and, equality of opportunity."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Partnerships with parents are good. Parents express confidence in the work of the school, and the impact that it has on their children's lives."
    OFSTED 2015
Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School Life at Carlton Junior & Infant School

Year 2


Welcome to all the children and parents in Year 2. The children have really helped me to settle in quickly and I am blown away with their super attitude to learning, they have been so positive and hard working. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to see me.

Mrs Akhtar



Yorkshire Wildlife Park


We had an absolutely fantastic time today during our visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Year 2 children were amazed to see all the different wildlife animals.

Have a look at our photos from our great day.





 Eid Festival Assembly


Thank you to all our parents who attended our annual Eid Assembly this year. Our guests from One Nation who collected the donations from our Ramadaan Appeal were absolutely overwhelmed with your warmth and generosity.



We enjoyed listening to some Nasheeds, and shared the important message of being part of one big family. 



Eid Wishes

We would like to wish all our families who will be celebrating Eid a warm 'Eid Mubarak'.

 We are looking forward to our Eid festivities next week.



Special Visitor from PDSA


Today our children were lucky enough to have a workshop from a Veterinary Nurse from PDSA.

Children participated in a very informative workshop which taught them how to look after their pets and how to ensure their 5 basic needs are met.





Year 2 were given pictures of a variety of settings including, watery, rocky, green and leafy, hot dry and icy. They used their senses to describe each of their settings and shared their phrases with each other. Then they looked at how they could make their phrases even better by adding adjectives to create  a picture in the mind of the reader.





This week we having been learning about Place Value.

Our children were asked to locate numbers up to 100 and then place them accurately on a number line. I am so proud of them!!

Keep it up!!



A Visitor from the Past

Sir Williams

The Great Fire of London

We had a wonderful workshop today, Sir Williams came to see us and told us what happened in London during the Great Fire of London.

We participated in re enacting the events of the fire that started on Pudding Lane. In the afternoon we collectively made our own map of London after the fire.

Have a look at our super workshop photographs.

A huge thank you to Sir Williams from Year 2!!




This week our children have been working extremely hard to write complex sentences with adjectives.

At home to support learning can you please read lots of Traditional Tales so that children have a bank of knowledge about different settings, characters and plots.



World Book Day

We had some amazing World Book Day characters in our class today. Thank you to all the parents for providing such lovely costumes. In conjunction with this day we have been looking at Traditional Stories. Children have has the opportunity to read their favourite story and re enact it and then create their own. I am really proud of all of you!




This week in Year 2 we have been learning about Money. We have had a very busy week, adding, finding different amounts and also looking at Money problems.

I am proud of all the children as they have really excelled in this unit, showing growing confidence in Money calculations.

If you would like to help your child to strengthen their knowledge with Money, please can you do the following with them-

Recognise Money and its value.

Add different amounts of money together.

Use a variety of ways to make a given amount

Find change from a given amount.

Any questions please do not hesitate to come and see me and you are always welcome to attend the morning boosters everyday from 8.30am

Keep up the good work and have a lovely relaxing holiday!


Reading Buddies

This week we have launched Reading Buddies in Year 2. We are really excited about this project. Buddies from Year 6 are paired up with our Year 2 children to help and build good reading skills during our Reading For Meaning sessions.

Thank you to our Year 6 children.



This week in Science we have been looking at micro habitats. Our children really enjoyed investigating a variety of micro habitats in our Forest School area.

Can you name any mini beasts you found in your groups micro habitat?

Can you go investigate a micro habitat near your house?




In our Maths lessons this week we have been looking at the 3 times table. We learned to use a variety of skills to solve multiplication problems and calculations.

We also had a lot of fun learning the times table song to help us with multiplication.

Click on the link below for our song. 3 Times table song, learn the fun way.



This week the children in Year 2 have been working extremely hard. We have been working on newspaper reports about The Great Fire of London.

I am so pleased that the children have really absorbed and mastered the genre of Newspaper reports, understanding the features of orientation, body and reorientation.

The finished reports are now on display if you would like to have a look at their super work!



This week in English we have started to look at the Great Fire of London. Children were asked to work in groups to write facts about the Great Fire.

The children were brilliant at remembering key facts, talking about them and writing them down.



We have continued our lesson on Materials by testing the absorbency of different types of materials. We tested if jelly sweets would be absorbent, we found that jelly sweets absorb water which makes them grow in size and change colour.

We then tested the absorbency of different types of paper. We discovered that kitchen towel was the best material. We investigated further into how absorbent the kitchen towel was through creating a rainbow.



In Year 2 we have been investigating materials to see if they can absorb liquid. We found out that some materials are absorbent and some are not. Before we begun our experiment we needed to predict what would happen and record our findings.

We are really proud of our budding scientists. 



This morning the children received a letter from Peter Rabbit’s mum. The letter explained how Peter Rabbit had escaped in the early hours of the morning. His mother had looked high and low for him however, she couldn’t find him and she was really distressed. She needed the help of Year 2 to track him down. The children knew they had a mission to accomplish!

They started by listing all the places they thought they could find him. They began their search in the playground and then moved onto the MUGA where they found Peter Rabbit having a picnic with his friends. Once the children had found him we brought him back into the classroom to discuss what our next steps would be. The children all decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to Peter Rabbit’s mum telling her ‘not to panic!’

Over the next few days’ children will draft out their letter and write it out. Children will then put in into an envelope and post it in the nearest post box to school.




In year 2 we have been using powerful adjectives to create our own spells to help Agnus the Witch to completer her Halloween.

Children created their own Halloween vocabulary then choose spooky sentences to complete their Halloween spells. We think these spells might just work!!


As promised I have recorded a demonstration of how to access bug club at home. Enjoy reading during the holidays and don’t forget to complete the comprehension activities.

Happy Reading.


Grammar Hammer Lesson

Children in Year 2 have been identifying nouns in sentences and making their own noun banks. We played guess the noun game. The children were very good at matching

the nouns with the correct description.

Keep practicing at home.



Children in Year 2 have been accessing their Bug Club books during our their Computing lessons.




This week Year 2 have been partitioning 2 digit numbers in Maths. Some children used the arrows cars to partition tens and units whilst others used Numicon and arrow cards to support their learning. This week’s homework will reflect the learning taken place in our Maths lessons, please ensure your child places the tens and units symbol for each 2 digit number to help them partition correctly.


The children have continued to work on adjectives. They were asked to think about interesting adjectives to include in their writing  and have started to make an adjective word bank.

Can you make an adjective list at home and see how many words you can find?


Year 2 have enjoyed making clowns in their Art lesson, it wasn't as easy as they first thought! They had to follow their partner's instructions carefully and follow different methods. We think they did a fantastic job!