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Carlton Junior School
  • "The headteacher, governors and senior leaders are highly ambitious for all pupils."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The Reception provision is good. Outdoors and indoors, children access interesting and well planned learning experiences."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils from different cultural backgrounds, including those at an early stage of learning English, achieve well."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Pupils behave well, enjoy their lessons and are proud of their school. They say how safe and well cared for they feel."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Parents are positive about the school's work. They value the ways in which staff prepare their children for life in modern Britain, and in their local multi-cultural community."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school is led by an inspirational headteacher. She has high expectations of all pupils, and is highly regarded by parents, and by all who work alongside her."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of teaching in Reception is good. Children from different cultures and heritages happily play together. They display overall positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The quality of pupils' learning is good. They cooperate well together in groups, persevere well as individuals, and make good use of opportunities to share and refine their ideas with each other."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Teaching is good because most teachers plan interesting activities that encourage pupils to think for themselves."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school's motto 'dream, aspire, achieve' underpins pupils' good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Staff help all children to become confident citizens of the future."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "The school promotes exceptionally well the fundamental British values of freedom, law and, equality of opportunity."
    OFSTED 2015
  • "Partnerships with parents are good. Parents express confidence in the work of the school, and the impact that it has on their children's lives."
    OFSTED 2015
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Sporting Activities



Sports Relief 2016

This year the School Council proposed we participate in

the national charity Sports Relief.

We decided to have a whole school non-uniform day and that our children would wear their sports clothes.

We needed to ask all our families and friends to sponsor us to complete a sport activity.

Have a look at some of the activities we hosted on the day.

The whole school went on a 2.5 mile walk to relate to those children from different countries who may have to walk a long distance to attend a school.

Thank you to the children, parents and staff for making the day a great success.

We raised a staggering 


Well done everyone!!!










Our wonderful Carlton Guardians organise games at lunchtimes, encouraging other children to participate and enjoy themselves. They do a fabulous job! Our Guardians went on a Sports Leadership training session today to develop their skills further!


Please take a look at some highlights of their session below:




12 of our Key Stage One children took part in the Sports Hall Tournament at Batley Sports and Tennis Centre. The children were placed in mixed groups with children from Priestley House, this was to develop their communication and social skills. Not only did they take part in athletic activities, but ball skills were also introduced. The children were supported by an adult at each station of the circuit, they did brilliantly at moving around the sports hall when instructed to do so.

 Although the children were competing in teams, the target of each activity was to beat their personal best, by the end of the session the children really developed in confidence and self-esteem. All children were engaged and all activities were tailored to children’s differing needs. Our children really enjoyed the activities and working together as a team, not only with their peers but with children from Priestley House. The children's behaviour was impeccable and they were the perfect ambassadors for our school.  Take a look at the highlights below:



Early Years and Key Stage One enjoyed a fun Sports Afternoon in the sun! Please take a look at the video below.






Year 4 took part in a sporting event 'Mission Active' in Huddersfield. Lots of schools from Kirklees took part in the fun day.


June 2014

Children from Key stage 2 took part in the Swimming Gala at Dewsbury Sports Centre.



3rd of June 2014


Year 6 had fun learning how to play archery dodgeball.






EYFS & Key Stage One Sports Day 2013




Carlton football team played a friendly match against Warwick Road football team on our Muga. Both teams showed maturity and good sportmanship during an entertaining game. Unfortunatly Carlton lost this time but we are determined to win when we play them next time.




Today, nine children from year 3 and 4 took part in the School Games Cricket Tournament, at Batley Cricket Club.

This was their first tournament together as a team and played fantastically! They tried really hard, developed their communication skills as well as their batting, bowling and fielding. One school even commented on how well we fielded!

Unfortunately, we didn't win the tournament but competed well, with all children commenting on how much they had enjoyed the day.

Esa in year 4 said, "I have really enjoyed my self today!" whilst Mariam commented, "It is the taking part that counts and I have got better!"


Take a look at the photos of our day!