Carlton Junior and Infant School


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Impressive independent challenge work!


Planting and growing

Thank you to Aleena's mum and Fatima Zahara's mum. They came to school and  taught us  how to make impressive flowers out of paper.


What a fabulous start to the week! We had a special visitor who taught us all about trains, our local train station and all the different jobs people do in the railway industry.


Understanding the world around us. 

As part of our celebrations topic, we have been learning about the Chinese new year. We have explored their culture, customs and people. We also discovered that our local Tesco store has an isle where they sell Chinese food.



Anfel Knew that the cold weather had made the water turn into ice. “Oh I can break this in my hand” “It's melting in my hand because its warm”.

The children were exploring the outdoors in the freezing cold weather. They were fascinated to see what has happened to our mud pit.

“Mrs Hussain it's really hard, I cant dig”!

“Why do you think its hard for you to dig”?

“It’s because of the weather, it has turned icy.” Keyaan recognised the ice white layer on the soil.

“It must be so cold in the Arctic Mrs Hussain”.


As part of our new topic we have been looking at the Arctic. We conducted an experiment to see what happens to water when it is put in the freezer. We used balloons to mould the ice.

As part of our new topic we have been building igloos.


Phonics Workshop

Thank you to everyone that attended the Phonics Workshop, we had a fantastic turn out.




Celebrating Diwali - 8.11.2018




Look at all the fun we had picking apples !








Our outdoor play consists of exciting activities such as this one. I am counting the tyres but i also want to hide in the tyres.


I really enjoy transporting mud and sand from the sand and mud pit.


I have been ordering numbers from 0 - 10, at first i found them tricky but now i can do it independently.


We're making sparkling mud cakes would you like to try some?

 We are having a fantastic time in the mud pit. I enjoy digging in the mud pit especially when it is wet and gooey like this.