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Welcome to Year 3 


Welcome to the Year 3 class page! I am Miss Nasur the Year 3 class teacher. Mrs Lunat and Mrs Javed are also part of the Year 3 team and we are all here to help support your children excel in this academic year.

This page will be updated with all the fantastic work we will be doing in school and what we are learning about. I hope you enjoy exploring and keep a lookout for your child’s work and achievements.

Academic Year 2018-2019 

 Star of the Week 

Every week in Year 3, we choose a child who has been an absolute superstar all week, both with their work and behaviour and they get to go on our special Star of the Week display and get to choose a prize from Miss. Nasur's special prize box.

Last Week our Star was...

Carlton Book Fair

On Friday 12th October the 'Book People' book fair arrived at Carlton School.  All the children got the chance to go down with their classes to browse the many books and kits available for sale.  They really enjoyed having a look and were excited to come back with their parents after school.

The book fair will be running after school in the hall this Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th October - please come and build on your child's interest of reading by purchasing one (or more) of the many titles available at a discounted price, by doing this not only will you help your child but the school too as for every book purchased the school receives funding to purchase books for the school which just goes back to supporting your child's learning.  

Thank you in advance.







In literacy, this term, Year 3 have been looking at Legends.  We have looked at stories such as 'The Dragon Slayer', 'The Beast with a Thousand Teeth' and 'St. George and the Dragon'.  The children looked at the different features of Legends then they got to create their own legendary hero and mythical creature.  They worked hard and wrote their own legend stories, They all wrote fantastic stories. Ask your child to retell their story to you.

This week they went back to the original legends we looked at and they  got the chance to act them out in groups and then self-assess how well they did.  The children had lots of fun. 



Guided Reading 

In guided reading we are reading the book, Storm by Kevin Crossley-Holland. 

 Please support your child to read at home, and remind them to bring their reading journals every day.



In art we have been using a range of materials to create our self-portraits. We have used, pencils, felt tip pens, and pastels to make our artwork exciting.




In RE we are exploring the question ‘How are beliefs expressed through art?’.

We worked very hard to create our own symbols that represent world religions.




Academic Year 2017-2018


This week we are learning to use arrays to help us to multiply. We have learned that repeated addition can be related to counting in groups, and this is heling us to understand multiplication. We have used the book ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’ to help us to understand the concept. We have been doing lots of practical work using white boards and counters.




In science we have been learning about the capillary systems of plants and their stems.

To prove we knew that plants ‘drink’ water through their roots in the soil, and that the water travels up the stem we placed some white carnations into pots of water. We coloured the water using powdered inks, then we waited.

After 2 days, the petals had changed colour, and when we cut open the stem, we could see that the inside of the stem had changed colour as well.




We have started investigating plants in science. This week Mrs Borrett brought in some plants. We shook off all of the soil, and used magnifying glasses to examine the roots. We know that roots are needed to give the plants food, and also to stop plants and trees from falling over. The biggest trees have the biggest root systems. We know that there is a main root, lateral roots and root hairs.



We enjoyed our walk down to the library. When we were at the library we had a good look around  - we even spotted a plaque that told us someone very special to the world once attended Carlton Junior & Infant School!

We found out that at the library we can use computers, look at maps, borrow books from different languages, and even attend a lego club which runs every Saturday.

After looking around the library and listening to how the library is organised we snuggled up on the carpet area to listen to a super hero story. After this we each made a super hero mask…. We wore them to walk back to school. This made lots of passers-by smile at us



Happy New Year

What a very busy start to the New Year!

We have finished our topic for last term, which was Stone Age. 

This week we have started our new topic, which is Ancient Egyptians.  Children are enjoying their research.



On Monday 11th December, years 3 & 4 were very lucky to have a visit from author Stephen Pass. He read some of his book, ‘Madge the Mermaid,’ showed children how the book was drafted and recited some of his poems. In the afternoon, they took part in creative writing workshops around the theme of mermaids.


Here some children enjoyed researching the myths of mermaids.





The Great Carlton Walk 17.10.2018

We had a wonderful afternoon participating in our School Sponsored Walk 2018.

It was a lovely afternoon walking to the Dewsbury Town Hall were the Deputy Mayor Mumtaz gave us an inspirational speech alongside Councillor Masood Ahmed.

This marked, International Walking to school month as well as promoting health, empathy and whole school community spirit. Keep Walking !!!