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In year 4, we have been looking at multiples of 3, 6 and 9. Before teaching the multiples, the children expressed their low confidence in multiplying and dividing by 3, 6 and 9.

However, after teaching them to recognise the pattern and relationship between all three multiples they rapidly made progress. The children looked at Arrays, Number squares and Venn diagrams. These methods allowed the children to see the similarities between all the number sentences.

The pedagogy was taught under the guidance of the Chinese curriculum and White Rose. Collaboration between the two schemes of work allowed the children to work both systematically and practically. This impacted and promoted understanding to be much deeper than previous lessons.

The staff in Year 4 are really proud of the commitment and resilience displayed so far this term and look forward to what can be achieved in future lessons. 



This week the children have been working hard to improve their presentation throughout all their work books. The children are completing a handwriting task that will help improve their fluency of writing.


In maths, the children have been calculating the perimeter of the mysterious shapes on the carpet. We do not yet know who placed them on the Year 4 carpet. However, we have learnt how to work out the perimeter left behind. Therefore, we will be very close to finding the mysterious person soon.


In English, the children have been working in small groups to produce descriptive writing about their own Loompa Land. As a class we wanted to put our own twist on ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.’ We noticed that in the story there wasn’t much information about Loompa Land, so we have created an extra scene that could possibly be published in the Roald Dahl book.  We have focused on using powerful adjectives and similes to help create an interesting scene.

Anti Bullying Week

The whole school this week have been involved with ‘anti-bullying week’. In year 4, we have produced pledges and posters that show our awareness of bullying. Also some children provided an action plan to tackle bullying in our school and how to help prevent it in the future.  The children chose the slogan ‘raise your hands against bullying’ to get their message across to the school.

 Children In Need

For children in need, the children created their own board game that raised awareness of what the charity provides for people who are less fortunate than ourselves. The board game had to include a competitive maths element. Therefore, the children created questions that strengthened their ability to complete previous methods taught last term. For example, some children had to complete column addition and subtraction questions before they could move on to the next place. They really enjoyed the lesson and it was a pleasure to teach them about children in need this week.


The children have been using technology this week to research definitions and access interactive games for maths. The children worked as a pair to compete against their peers, their high scores were then recorded on the working wall. They really enjoyed the competition amongst their friends.


Scary Maths! The children have been working hard on solving maths challenges that link to Halloween.



In year 4, we have a new interactive display called ‘Prove it to me!’ The children have been using the new display wall effectively to improve their reasoning and problem solving skills. Each week there will be different challenges for the children to accomplish. The work completed will only further improve their understanding of place value, addition and subtraction.


In maths this week we have been looking at representing 4 digit numbers in a variety of ways using concrete objects. We have also been using our prior knowledge of Roman Numerals to play board games that the Romans use to play.

In science this week we have been looking at how our teeth are formed. Through experimental activities the children were allowed to sample different types of food to distinguish the impact on teeth. 

Over the 6 weeks holiday, the children have produced some excellent resources for our topic ‘Romans’. Their dedication in researching and creating these resources was excellent. Thank you for any parents who supported their children through this holiday task.

 In Guided Reading this week the children have been introduced to a new book called The Spiderwick Chronicles. They have a clear understanding of chapter one. The children have chosen a crucial character within the book and have tweeted a message impersonating their emotions and ideas. Their understanding of the new characters have been excellent.