Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 5

My name is Mrs Green and I have been teaching in Year 5 at Carlton since January 2017. Along with me is Mrs Lunat, who is a very experience teaching assistant. The pace at which we work in year 5 steps up a notch as we are heading towards year 6 and your child will be challenged in all areas of the curriculum and hopefully find it exciting and engaging. One thing I am trying to incorporate this year is lots of opportunities for drama across the curriculum to aid learning.

Every week we will show off some of the fantastic work that year 5 have been up to on the class page.


Greek Myths

For the past couple of weeks, in English, Year 5 have been looking at a range of Greek Myths.  They have looked at the stories of Perseus & Medusa, Theseus and the Minotaur, Arachne the Spinner, Icharus & Deadulus and more. They analysed the features of each story and found out what a Greek Myths usually contains.  They are now in the process of writing their own Greek Myths style stories. They created a Hero/Heroin and a mythical creature.  Look below to see the story plans that some of the children have come up with.


20.6.18 - Fire Safety

Today, Year 5 had some very special visitors.  Three Firefighters from Dewsbury Fire Station came into school to talk to the children about the importance of fire safety and road safety.  The children learnt some very valuable tips to keep themselves safe whilst in a moving car and in the event of a fire.  So don't be surprised if your child comes home today talking about creating a 'Fire Escape Plan' and asking to see where your smoke detectors are.  The children have also been given a fire safety booklet, full of activities for them to complete at home.


Some children also took part in a car crash simulation to see what happens if you're not wearing a seat belt in a moving vehicle. 

They have learnt the importance of wearing a seat belt for every person in the car, so please make sure they do wear their seat belts regardless of length of journey.


4.6.18 - 8.6.18 - MacBeth

This week, in Literacy, Year 5 have been studying the Shakespeare play, MacBeth.  The class started off the week reading and discussing parts of the play and the characters. Later in the week they got into groups and created their own freeze frames of the scene of MacBeth's coronation.  Towards the end of the week they read parts of the play and discussed what they thought it meant as Shakesperean English is very different to English nowadays.  We finished the week by all the children taking on a role in the play and acting out the play.

The children's fantastic Freeze Frames


Macbeth Role Play


                  The 3 witches                             MacBeth meets the witches


     MacBeth, Banquo and the                   King Duncan and his entourage

             King's messenger


                                                  Macbeth is Slain                                                  

21.5.18 - 25.518

NewsPaper Reports

This week, in Literacy, we looked at newspaper reports.  We looked at an example of a newspaper article about a World Record achievement,  We discussed and highlighted the features of the report.  Later in the week the whole class, in groups of 3, attempted to set their own records for stacking the most pennies/coins in one minute and the children were only allowed to use one hand.  All the children did a great job, however Zainab L broke the class record by stacking a whopping 39 coins.  The next day it was the children's turn to write a newspaper report about their own record breaking attempt.  All the children did a great job with their reports, I think you'll agree when you see some of the examples below.




Our Visit to Batley Girls High School

On Friday, 23rd of March, Year 5 had the fantastic oppurtunity to go to Batley Girl's High School to watch a musical production of Peter Pan starring Years 8, 9 & 10 students. 

We all really enjoyed the production and thought all the students did a fantastic job in their roles.  

We also enjoyed some refreshments during the interval and got a chance to ask the cast and crew questions at the end of the play.




Our children thought the show was amazing! Here are some of their thoughts...



19.03.18 - Literacy

This half term, we have been reading ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’ by Elizabeth Laird. We have carried out several activities based on the story, including using some drama techniques to help us empathise with the characters. We have made predictions using the text to justify what we think will happen; written summaries of the key important events; found out factual information about Lebanon, where the story is set, and analysed the text to find out information about the main characters. The class have really enjoyed this story, and been excited to find out what will happen next.





Our Visit to Dewsbury Library

On Monday, despite the rain, Year 5 ventured to Dewsbury Library as part of Carlton Junior and Infant School’s Reading Month. After a wet and soggy walk, we dried off in the Library listening to a story and making super hero masks to reflect our chosen super hero names and powers. We had ‘invisible girl’

Everyone enjoyed themselves and will hopefully continue to use the amazing facilities and events the local library has to offer.



05.03.18 - Maths

During the past week in maths, year 5 have been using Kagan strategies to help consolidate their knowledge and use of the four operations. In specifically chosen pairs, they have performed a ‘rally coach’ technique where one partner orally explains how they are solving a question, while the other partner listens and then coaches their partner if they make a mistake or get stuck. This oral dialogue has really helped those who have been struggling.


In science, we have planned and carried out a fair test investigation to look at what material would make the best insulator for Mrs Green’s cup of coffee. We will be analysing and drawing a conclusion from our data next week.





Our Trip to Jorvik Museum

Year 5 have been learning about Vikings in Topic this term.  On Tuesday 6th of February, they went on a trip to Jorvik Museum in York to learn about the Viking way of life.  They went on a tour on electric carts that took them around an underground Viking street to see how life was back then.

The children also got to visit the DIG centre and took part in digging up and unearthing some Viking artefacts and classifying objects they had found into groups such as, bone, metal waste, stone, teeth etc.









Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been looking at using different strategies to reason and solve problems. They have been using a variety of methods to work together to tackle different types of problems. These strategies have involved ‘guessing and checking’, ‘drawing a diagram’, ‘using concrete apparatus’ and ‘using tables’ as well as demonstrating logical thinking!




In order to prepare for some recount and review writing on our current text ‘The Museum of Fun’, we developed our ideas by carrying out a ‘mood walk’. The children had to imagine they were walking through the museum, encountering the different displays and exhibitions along the way. They had to show their thoughts and feelings through their movements and expressions. This led to some great ideas for writing.





Year 5 have started their new science topic – ‘Properties and Changes in Materials’. This week, we described the properties of different materials and investigated, using equipment, whether they conducted electricity, floated or were magnetic. We began to consider how these properties effect the use of each material.

In English, last week, we carried out our Word Detectives unit, learning how to use dictionaries and thesauri as well as investigating homophones, hyphenated words and synonyms.





Our topic for this term has been the Rainforest. All children in the class have been working very hard and I was especially pleased with the fantastic research homework they did over the half term holiday in October. This week we finished our topic with a debate about deforestation. Individual children took on the roles of pharmacists, environmental scientists, inhabitants, loggers, cattle farmers, government officials and fast food restaurant owners to debate whether companies should be allowed to cut down the rainforests to provide resources such as wood and paper. Having discussed at length the views and opinions of these roles, the class then debated a scenario which got very heated at times. Here are some quotes:

  •  “Deforestation increases global warming because there is more carbon dioxide in the air.”
  •  “137 species are becoming extinct every day.”
  •  “Recent research has shown that trees might hold the secrets to curing diseases – we need to protect them for this reason.”
  •  “Our customers demand cheap meat products, we need the farmers to keep producing us meat.”
  •  “We have policies in place so new areas of forest are planted as other areas are cleared.”

  ”Selling the forests brings us income to help support local people.”







In Year 5, we have been learning about the Solar System. We used different fruits and objects to show the relative sizes of each planet and the order they are from the Sun. We then went outdoors to gain a greater understanding of the relative distances each planet is from the sun. In addition, we tried to write our own mnemonics to remind us of the order the planets are in -  for example: Many Vile Earthlings Munch Jam Sandwiches Under Newspaper, My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming.



This week in Literacy we have been thinking about and identifying the features of Rap and Poetry while considering what makes a good rap performance. We are starting to discover the poetic language an artist might use to give power to their raps and have recorded initial ideas on whiteboards before we write our own this coming week - we’ll have recordings and videos of the outcomes shortly – WATCH THIS SPACE!