Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to your final year at Carlton - We can assure you that you will have an amazing year!

Your final year is full of incredible opportunities such as competitions, a residential visit, trips to magnificent places (Harry potter studios in London), an end of year production and a stunning, school prom.

However let me inform you, Year 6 is a very demanding year and our expectations are extremely high; you are expected to work to an incredibly high standard in order to achieve the best SATs results. Please don't worry about the work because we are here to support, guide and encourage you along the way. Remember, you are being taught by the A-Team!

So buckle up and get ready for the wonderful journey of Year 6, where you will create some tremendous memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We look forward to spending the year with you!

Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Audsley


#Not in my Name!

Children in Year 6 had an interesting class discussion about terrorism.  Children discussed how a terrorist attack could create a range of strong feelings within them, including curiosity, anxiety, fear and anger. Children learnt about the ‘Not in my Name Campaign’ in which British Muslims condemned terrorist attacks and the terrorist who claimed to carry the attacks out in the name of Islam. 6NA believe it is important that their feelings and opinions are expressed, listened to, valued, respected, and therefore created poems to express their opinions and feelings about terrorism.


#Not in my Name!

Why am I the one who is being blamed?

It’s not done in my name.

This is totally haram,

Killing is forbidden in the Quran.

This is their game of terror,

However, why should we surrender?

They think they have so much power,

Whilst they destroy the human race, every hour.  They simply have no compassion.     

Those who fight in the name of Islam, They are the ones who don’t represent my Islam! In my religion, we have tolerance and respect towards all.

They want fame but tell them,

                             NOT IN MY NAME!                                  

By Momin & Abuzarr  

Like slavery and piracy, terrorism has no place in the modern world- George W. Bush