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MOSAIC Project Year 4 2015

 The MOSAIC Change project- the final piece 


The MOSAIC Change project- session two 



The MOSAIC Change project - session one 


MOSAIC Project Year 6 2014 


Today Year 6 children received postcards from their partnership school, St Peter's, who also took part in the project. Take a look at their lovely comments below:


Today the children who took part in the MOSAIC project went on a trip to Batley Art Gallery to see their work on show. It was wonderful seeing the finished animation as well as all the beautiful pieces of artwork from the other schools involved. It is free to go and the exhibition is on until the 30th of September so please do try to see it if you can.




Today the children taking part in the MOSAIC project had their third and final session with local artist Lucy Bergman. 

Lucy kindly came in early so we could get started on the animations over lunch. It was exciting to see her set up her video equipment and the children couldn't wait to get started! Two at a time, they placed the photographs of themselves under the camera then manipulated the images by adding the different paper and card elements created last time. Between each change, Lucy took photographs so that, when she played them all really quickly at the end, it looked like the faces were changing rapidly. The children were enthralled! 

Whilst some children were creating their animations others were finishing off their timelines from session 1 and creating wonderful collages using pictures of themselves throughout the years, to show how they have changed. Athsham brought in lots of photographs and filled in a whole A3 sheet which looked amazing!

Finally, children recorded their voices talking about how they have changed since they were little and how they think they will (or hope to) change when they get to high school. These recordings may be put over the animations along with some music. We are all really looking forward to seeing the finished artwork in the gallery. 

Check out the quotes below:  

The thing I liked best was making the animation because I had not yet tried this and I found it fun – Imaan 

The thing I liked best was making the films because I liked moving all the shapes – Iqra 

The thing I liked best was watching the animation videos because they were really funny. The best one was Imaan's – Amaan 

The thing I liked best was recording my voice because I tried to make it sound as posh as I could! – Dua  

The thing I liked best was making a collage of my childhood pictures because it brought back good memories – Hanna 

The thing I liked best was making the collages because I enjoyed it and at the end it looked really good - Athsham




Today the children had their 2nd session with local artist Lucy Bergman. 

They used the photographs they took last time to make a fun collage of themselves, cutting out only their head and shoulders then decorating with coloured card to add fun features such as funky hairstlyes and crazy moustaches.

The children did not stick their elements down as next week they will be using a video camera to make an animation with them! 

Quotes and photos below:

The thing I liked best was cutting out the pieces for the features of my face because I could do any shape I wanted – Iqra 

The thing I liked best was cutting out the background because I loved cutting the sunset and the birds – Faaizah 

The thing I liked best was when we used our imaginations to cut out bits of our pictures and coloured card and made ourselves look different because I love to use my imagination for art – Hanna 

The thing I liked best was decorating the pictures because it made me laugh – Umair

The thing I liked best was the collages because we made them funny – Marc 

The thing I liked best was making new pictures from old photographs because it was fun and a chance to see what we are capable of creating – Imaan 
















Today the children taking part in the MOSAIC project had their first session with local artist Lucy Bergman. 

They began the session by discussing different types of 'change' then looked at old photographs of themselves to see how they have changed during their time at primary school and throughout their lives. 

Each child created a time line of significant events from their birth to the present day. They illustrated these with words and pictures personal to them.

Finally, they used a digital camera to take portraits of one another with different facial expressions. 

Check out the quotes and photos below:

The thing I liked best was taking the pictures because it was fun making funny faces – Aysha

The thing I liked best was drawing the timeline because it brought memories back – Umair

The thing I liked best was looking at the old photos because there were some funny ones – Marc

The thing I liked best was drawing the timeline because it took me back in time to the past – Dua 

The thing I liked best was drawing my timeline because it brought back childhood memories – Hanna 

The thing I liked best was the discussion about the different kinds of changes because it was interesting – Humairaa



January 2014

This year some children from Year 6 will be taking part in the MOSAIC arts project with local digital artist, Lucy Bergman. To kick things off last week they went on a visit to Cartwright Hall Art Gallery in Bradford, take a look at the video below:


MOSAIC Project 2013 (Year 3)


To round off the MOSAIC arts project Year 3 went on a trip to Batley Art Gallery to see their finished work on display! It was a long, hot walk but worth every moment to see the finished piece in all its glory. We were all incredibly proud, as you will see from the video below:



Although the artist-led sessins have now finished, Year 3 pupils have continued with their hand embroidery and updating their fabric diaries. Some children also completed evaluation forms to reflect on the project as a whole and consider the most enjoyable bits for them. Take a look at the photos below:


Check out our page on the MOSAIC 'Change Project' website:

You'll also be able to take a look at all the projects of the other schools involved.


Year 3 pupils at Carlton had their final workshop with local textile artist, Fiona Goodwin, this afternoon. Fiona surprised them first off by showing them that their felt squares had been cut into circles and laid out to create a circular piece. The children were amazed and delighted at how beautiful their work looked and could not wait to get started adding the final details to make the piece come to life! The group split into two; half worked with Fiona sewing buttons onto the felt pompoms they had made for homework, whilst the other half worked with their teacher, Miss Foster, adding embroidery to the strips created in last week’s session. These strips will form a tartan-like design on the reverse of the piece making it truly ‘interchangeable.’ The children worked so hard all lesson and all learnt something new; we are all very excited to see the final piece in Batley Art Gallery! Thank you Fiona :-)



Year 3 pupils at Carlton had their second, exciting artist-led session today! They each used a strip of electricians’ tape to create a base on which to lay different wools, ribbons and fabrics to create an interesting pattern. After this children placed Bondaweb over the top of their design then asked an adult to iron over the top to stick everything down. One or two children had a little go with the iron themselves. Some children also found and cut inspiring words from newspapers and magazines to apply to their work. Next time the plan is to cut these design strips down and apply them to the fabric squares which children created last week. The finished pieces are coming together nicely!



Year 3 pupils have enjoyed a wonderful first session with local textile artist, Fiona Goodwin. They created their own felt using mohair, which they learnt is wool from goats. They started by stretching the wool fibres over a flat piece of muslin to create the warp then applied more wool on top, this time stretched even further and running horizontally, to create the weft. After that they applied different coloured wools to make their own unique designs before adding an additional piece of muslin over the top and rolling the whole piece tightly into a bamboo mat. Unfortunately we ran out of time but the next job for the children will be to unravel the pieces and lay them flat to dry. Fiona will be working with us again on Monday 11th March.




Year 3 went on a trip to Cartwright Hall art gallery in Bradford. They took part in art and literacy workshops and had an amazing time! Many children made friends with pupils from Brownhill Junior and Infant School, who also took part in the trip. The trip was arranged by MOSAIC who are going to be working with Year 3 on a very special art project over the next half term, so please do keep checking the website for updates!

Cartwright Hall 2013 from CarltonJI on Vimeo.

In the literacy workshop children studied the painting ‘The Arab Weaver’ by Armand Point then used it as a basis for writing their own stories. They didn’t have a lot of time but take a look at what they managed to achieve working in their small groups:

The Lady with the Pomegranate:
Once upon a time there lived a lady called Lisa who lived in Algeria. She lived in a gigantic house that had a courtyard, where her husband Max weaved cloth before midday because it was too hot at noon to weave. She had a servant named Sam. Lisa was a really nice lady because she gave Sam a job so he could earn money as he was very poor. As a mummy Lisa was nice but as a Grandma she was even better because she gave treats to her grandson. Lisa would spend the day helping her husband weave cloth to make clothes.

Story 2:
One day a little boy and his family were sitting in their courtyard, weaving. In the background there was a servant holding a bucket. He was hanging the clothes on the line.

Story 3:
Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Adam. Adam lived with his dad, his sister Jasmine, his mum and his uncle Nick. Nick was a world-famous weaver. He wove clothes, rugs, cushions and baskets. When he was young, his dad taught him how to weave. One hot, sunny day, whilst Nick and his dad were weaving, they heard a knock at the door. It was the king’s son, he said “Please can I have a look at your weaving, for the king, he needs a new cloak and hat because the old one had been ripped and is ruined.” He walked inside. When he saw the beautiful weaving he was amazed and he said “wow. I will pay a billion pounds for your work and tell the king and everybody about it.”

Story 4:
Long, long ago a family were in a sunny courtyard. Grandad was weaving. Mum was peeling a pomegranate. It was sweet and sickly and juicy. Big sister was in school and little brother sat at home. He wanted to play on his bike. Grandad said “you can play outside when you’ve finished helping.”