Carlton Junior and Infant School


Safeguarding Information

We have a duty to ensure children are safe. In school we do this by making sure that everyone who comes into the building is suitable for working with children. We also work hard to minimise risk in the grounds and building.

If we have concerns about the safety of any children we have a policy in school, parents are welcome to read this policy. It outlines how we deal with any issues when we think children may not be safe, including how we would act if we felt children were not safe at home.

All concerns are recorded and handed to a Designated senior person (DSP).

The Designated Safeguarding Leaders in School. are:

Ms Mahmood

Head Teacher


Mrs Akhtar

Deputy Head Teacher


Miss Hewitt

Year 1 Class Teacher


Mrs Motley

   Learning Mentor


  As a team we would decide how to deal with the concern. This would usually involve speaking to parents or people from other agencies such as health or social care.

If we feel a child is at risk of harm we would usually discuss this with parents. We then have a duty of care to report our concerns to the assessment team at social care.

There are posters around school that give more details about our safeguarding procedures. If you have any questions or concerns about safeguarding please speak to one of the designated safeguarding leads above.

Carlton Junior and Infant School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all children in school. All Kirklees schools, including Carlton Junior and Infant School, follow the Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board procedures. The school will, in most circumstances, endeavour to discuss all concerns with parents about their children. However, there may be exceptional circumstances when the school will discuss concerns with Pupil Referral and Response Unit and/or the Police without parental knowledge (in accordance with Kirklees Safeguarding Children Procedures). The school will, of course, always aim to maintain a positive relationship with all parents. The school’s child protection policy is available on request.