Carlton Junior and Infant School



 I loved coming into school today to see my child work in class really has shown me how good he is plus the teacher is amazing. (Year 2 parent from parents at school week Nov 2018)

 I enjoyed being at school, it was a brilliant experience thanks. (Reception & Year 3 parent from parent at school week Nov 2018)

It's amazing to sit with my child and learn in classroom, fantastic way of teaching. Thank you teacher. (Comments from a parent from parent at school week Nov 2018)

Good flow of lesson. Teacher made sure children understood before moving on. (Comments from parent, Parent at school week Nov 2018)

Very impressed with the teaching. Very happy to see the children learning in the class. Very good teachers in year 1. ( Year 1 parent from Parent at school week Nov 2018)

Brilliant idea, well worth coming to watch how kids learn at school. Loved it! (Parent from Parent at school week Nov 2018)
Loved the strategies used to enhance learning. A lot of fun filled ideas that will get the children's attention and ready to learn. Teacher  is very friendly and approachable. looking forward to more training. (Attendee  from the schools Phonic Workshop Oct 2018)
Very informative, everything was broken down, good techniques and outstanding presentation. (Attendee from the Schools Phonics Workshop Oct 2018)
Tutor for the read Write inc was fabulous, very passionate and enthusiastic. ( Attendee from the schools Phonics workshop Oct 2018)
I am very happy with this school. They are helping me with  my son Thank you.  (Parent from a Reception child 09/2018)