Carlton Junior and Infant School

Carlton Junior and Infant School

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Upper Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2DQ

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Learning about Art/Design technology and learning through the ‘Expressive Arts’ is a key aspect of the Carlton curriculum. Through the world of art, design and culture we aim to develop children’s fine motor skills by teaching them techniques such as sketching, painting, weaving, knitting, sewing, sculpting and much more. Hence, children will be exposed to a variety of materials and expressive activities which broaden their knowledge and understanding. This is done by linking our sessions with an ongoing reference to the art world, both ancient, classical, modern and multicultural.


At Carlton JI Art/DT is not just taught discretely, but wherever appropriate it is linked to topics and the wider curriculum as it gives children the opportunities to bring topics to life. Our curriculum also covers a range of artists, styles and techniques and helps children develop an appreciation and understanding of art. Each pupil will have a learning journal through a sketchbook which is passed on each year to build a documentation of skills taught, progression and achievement. We have dedicated weekly sessions with our artist in residence and other agencies to work with the children, to inspire them and challenge their thinking and creativity alongside weekly Art/DT sessions within the class taught by the teacher. Subsequently, a range of high quality art work has been produced and displayed throughout school. In addition, through collaborative projects with other schools, agencies and artists, children have opportunities to explore, experiment, create, appreciate and exhibit art work. The performing arts and related subjects acts as a catalyst for cultural development and are a point at which different cultures meet and recognise one another’s worth and diversity. Children have the opportunity to explore other cultures through the performing arts and together with visual arts have produced high quality outcomes. Beyond the classroom, we give children the opportunities to visit museums and galleries, developing their skills of observation and evaluation. We also celebrate and recognise the work children bring into school from home from Reception to Year 6. The natural environment is our biggest stimuli as we have fantastic outdoor facilities. The children are often taken outside to draw in the natural light, in the woods and under the trees in our wonderful grounds and forest school.


 At Carlton we have built an impressive portfolio of art which demonstrates coverage, progression and quality. In addition, walking through the communal areas and into the classrooms demonstrates the high quality we aim for in the work children produce.


At Carlton we believe that art should enable the children to communicate what they see, feel and think. Children should experiment with their ideas, their use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. Self-evaluation and peer-evaluation of work is encouraged and children are taught how to be resilience to achieve their goals. We teach children an appreciation for art as a global language which transcends all cultures and backgrounds. For children who struggle to express their feelings, we offer personalised art therapy sessions to help them as well as their parents.


Children with a talent for art are stretched further and given opportunities beyond the curriculum objectives. Outside school hours, there are several clubs running for all year groups. We listen to our students and we adapt and change our provision according to 


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