Carlton Junior and Infant School

Carlton Junior and Infant School

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Upper Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2DQ

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At Carlton Junior and Infant School, we offer a nurturing learning environment in which each child is encouraged to Dream, Aspire and Achieve and develop to their full potential.  Our school is a place where their achievements and successes are shared, celebrated and rewarded.   Our children are at the heart of our curriculum and we encourage children to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.

We want our children to become ‘lifelong learners’ equipped with the skills for today’s society.  We provide children with the confidence and ability to develop their skills and understanding when having new experiences, meeting new challenges and finding themselves in unfamiliar situations.

Our PSHE Curriculum Framework is a whole school approach so that different year groups will be working on the same themes at the same time throughout the year. This allows for collaboration across classes and Key Stages to take place and enables school to link the PSHE curriculum to our whole school and class assembly’s assemblies. This whole school approach ensures children can build on what they already know and deepen their understanding.

As a school, we believe that children are all individuals and therefore, we aim to encourage mutual respect, responsibility and foster self-esteem in a happy and caring atmosphere.


Our school follows Jigsaw, a whole school approach to teaching PSHE.  At Carlton Junior and Infant School we deliver the PSHE curriculum through discrete teaching of the subject as well as utilising first hand experiences and sharing good practice.  PSHE is taught weekly in class however, there are also opportunities to make cross curricular links as well as teaching PSHE as a result of something that has arisen in class.  We ensure that all adults in our school have high expectations and have a responsibility to be role models to our children. 

Across the year children will cover 6 themes in class:

  • Being Me in My World

  • Celebrating Difference

  • Dreams and Goals

  • Healthy Me

  • Relationships

  • Changing Me

These themes will also form the focus for class assemblies and whole school assemblies as well as the songs being incorporated into our music curriculum.


Through our PSHE curriculum we ensure that children have a sense of purpose.  Our children value themselves and others and respond appropriately to others by communicating effectively.  They have the skills to develop healthy and positive relationships now and in the future.  Our children can make healthy choices and make informed decisions.  Children demonstrate and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Rule of law and Liberty.

As a school, we also measure the impact of PSHE through;

  • Children’s understanding, knowledge and skills which are assessed through observation, discussion, questioning and written work (where appropriate)

  • Discussions with children about their learning and work completed during PSHE lessons.

  • Monitoring by PSHE lead by discussions with staff, children, evidence of work, displays, assemblies

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