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Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

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Year 2 Stems

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Stems' class page

The adults in your class are Ms Nasur, Mrs Wood and Mrs Mirza. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead ensuring your children continue to strengthen their learning journey in Year 2. 

If you have an question, concerns or would like to make suggestions to your children's learning opportunities please email us.

Summer 2024



Pedagogy Pals

Our Year 2 Pedagogy Pals. We have chosen these children to be Pedagogy Pals, they have the special responsibility to help others in the classroom with their work. Each term children will have the opportunity to become a Pedagogy Pal. 

Our School Councillors 

These are the Year 2 stems School Council, both children have been appointed by their fellow class friends. They will speak up for year 2 in meetings and air their views about what they would like to change around the school and what they think works. We look forward to watching them blossom as school councillors. 

Our reading area

In year 2 we are talking about the importance of reading and how it can encourage children to use a broader range of language as well and broadening their imaginations. At all available opportunities the children are encouraged to read a book and talk about their findings with their friends and peers.


Our reading area

This year we are excited to welcome back Mr Isaac for our amazing music lessons, so far we have started to learn how to play the Ukulele. The children have loved having the opportunity to play a new and interesting musical instrument. Over the next few weeks the children will learn how to play parts of familiar songs and sing the lyrics.



Together, we have started learning about part part whole models and how numbers can be represented i a variety of ways.  Children are becoming confident at working out the number sums and will continue to grow in their mathematical knowledge. 



In our literacy lessons we have started to learn about a circular narrative and what this means by dissecting the story into different stages and identifying the correct names used. We will  write our own circular narrative in our English books and  children will have the opportunity to read amazing stories to the class. 

Jeans for genes day

Today all children and staff at Carlton were invited to wear jeans for a charity who concentrate on people with genetic conditions. During the day we have discussed the importance of charity and how our money will help the people who have genetic conditions. 

Staff appreciation

Today we have looked at staff appreciation when a child brought a very thoughtful picture and note given to the staff in Year 2. We love receiving the special notes from the children. 


Mastering Maths

The children have been completing daily maths tasks using maths mastery, they are beginning to have solid knowledge of numbers 1 to 20 and will continue to develop skills to work our maths sums easily in their heads. By the end of year 2 our aim is to have all children feeling confident using numbers 1 to 20.


Lexia Training

Our Year 2 children have been accessing Lexia to improve reading and develop reading skills. This will continue for the children throughout the whole of year 2.



Poetry Day

In preparation for World Poetry Day, we have been reading different poems and choosing our favourite one to share with our class. The Year 2 children discussed the different features in poems and are ready to write their own.


Our worry monster

In Year 2 we have been using the worry monster to share our worries and feelings. We know that our voices will always be heard by an adult.


Our amazing stories

 Children in Year 2 have been redrafting and publishing their circular narratives based on the river story. The stories they have created are amazing!

Mental Health Day

We know how to express ourselves. We use the meet and great every morning to help our adults to recognise how we are feeling in the morning. We then know we  can speak to the teachers in our class if we have any worries.

Remembrance Day 2023

The year 2 children have planted poppies to honour Remembrance Day, we discussed what the poppies symbolised and how they make us feel. We focused on how we can help the help for heroes charity and most children bought a poppy to respect the fallen soldiers. 




Our Remembrance Day Walk

 Some children were selected to go for a walk down into Dewsbury town centre to the memorial site to lay a reef we had made earlier in the week. The children really enjoyed walking into Dewsbury and laying the reef as a sign of respect. 




Sea Life centre

 All of the year 2 children and staff visited the amazing sea life centre in Manchester. The children were amazed at what they saw, they saw sharks swimming above their heads and huge sting rays. They learnt interesting facts about the creatures and even touched a star fish!

Image Image

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Sport Camp

Today, our year 2 children competed in a Sports Hall Athletics Festival held by @SGNKssp . We practiced different athletic skills such as a shuttle runs, javelin, speed jump and many more!

Science Experiment

In science this half term we are focusing on materials and which material would be best for different situations. In this lesson we predicted which material we thought would make the car go the furthest. We used paper, metal, plastic and wood. Each child had the opportunity to roll the car down the selected ramp and see which one went the furthest. Well done to the children who predicted wood would make the car go the furthest. 


3D shape sorting

 We have been focusing on 3d shapes and heir different properties such as faces, vertices and edges. Once the children were confident with the properties we then sorted them into different categories. 



Our Music Lessons

 This half term we are focusing on how to play the xylophone. The children in year 2 loved learning this new skill and played Mary had a Little Lamb in front of the class. 

Image Image

Great Fire Of London

 Our topic lessons are all around The Great Firfe of London we are finding out about why the fire started and looking at the differences between then and now. Some children have made models representing the Great Fire of London, if your child would like to contribute please feel free to bring it into school.

Image   Image

Our writing skills

In year 2 we are focusing on our writing skills, making sure our hand writing is the best it can be. All children have tried extremely hard to improve their handwriting.



Image Image


Portugal: our country of the term

Children in Year two had a fun morning learning about Portugal! We wrote fact files, ate pasties and painted the national symbol of Portugal!


National word search day

 Today was national word search day, the children completed word searches about our topic we are learning about. The children had lots of fun and was competing to see who could complete them the fastest. 




Forget me not charity day

Today we raised money for the charity Forget me not children's hospice. We came in purple clothes to represent the charity and also raised lots of money from them. We spoke about the importance of charity work.

Image  Image

 Our bird feeders

Today was world thinking day, some of the Year 2 children went to visit our forest school and planted some trees with an external company. The other children used recycled items to make bird feeders for the forest school. We spoke about sustainability and how we can take care of our world and those around us. 

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Mental Health Day

We have been celebrating Mental Health Week at Carlton and today Year 2 had a visitor from the NHS mental health team talking to them about how mental health can affect us and those around us. We then made our own worry monsters to take home!

Image  Image

Charles Dickens Day

Children in Year 2 enjoyed writing a fact file all about Charles Dickens to celebrate Charles Dickens day!


 Chinese New Year

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Chinese New Year assembly featuring the dancing dragon!

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Mental Health Week

Children in Year 2 have started off their Mental Health Week by writing about all the moments that have made them proud!



Image  Image

NSPCC number day

Children in Year 2 have been celebrating the NSPCC number day to raise funds by wearing clothes with numbers on them.

Our titanic models 


Year 2 children have done an absolutely terrific job at creating their own 3d models of the Titanic for homework!

Eid party

Image   Image

Year two have thoroughly enjoyed their Eid party this afternoon where they danced and celebrated friendship

Earth Day 2024

Image  Image

Today was Earth day in year 2, we have created models with plastic bottles and other recycled materials. We also spoke about the ways we can help our planet and what us an individuals can change on a daily basis.

Our clay po

Image  Image  Image

In art this term we have created a clay pot we used different techniques and patterns to make our pot unique, we then painted them using acrylic paint.

Gallery Archive 2022-2023 


In maths we looked at tens and ones. we looked at pictorial representations of different types of manipulatives carefully. we were able to quickly see how tens were represented.


Our amazing music teacher Mr Isaacs taught us the dynamics of how to sing a song. We looked at the tempo of the song we have been learning. We are learning the Let it go song from the film Frozen.


On National Poetry Day the theme was all about the environment. We wrote some fantastic poems about our environment and how to keep it safe and clean. We also wrote poems about the wonderful season autumn!

In P.E we are learning how to skip. We have tried so hard this week and we are almost there. We just have to remember to jump over the skipping rope. We had lots of fun!

In year 2 we celebrated Diwali. We had an amazing time, we learnt the story of Rama, Raavan and Sita. We are so grateful that Mrs Handa came into our class and celebrated Diwali with us.


In Science we performed an experiment testing the suitability of which material is the best for a toy bus to travel the furthest. We had a hypothesis, a prediction, results and finally a conclusion. We made some very good predictions.

 We had the pleasure of having Satnam in our class to teach us a Hindi song. The children really enjoyed learning a Hindi song. They understood the meaning of the song Kis ne banaya phoolon ko.


Well done year 2!! Our class took part in a sports event, and they did extremely well!!!



The children performed excellently in this years Nativity performance. Their amazing acting skills were greatly appreciated by everyone.

WE are so so proud of them!

We had a very special visit from Santa. The children were so excited to see him and receive gifts from him.



Spring 2023

In music we looked at the different notes used in music. We created our own music and then we played it to the rest of the class.


During our phonics lesson we were writing our own newspaper report, We spoke about the features in a newspaper report

and we wrote our own.

This term in music we are looking at percussion instruments. Children used the beaters to make music.


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