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Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

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Here at Carlton, mathematics is taught as an engaging and enjoyable subject in which pupils look forward to experiencing every day. It is taught in all classes from EYFS all the way up to Year 6, in which children have the opportunity to learn about number, shape, space and measures, statistics, calculation, algebra and much more. On top of this, our lessons are designed to promote mathematical thinking through problem solving and reasoning with the aim of shaping pupils to be fluent and coherent when calculating questions. Pupils will learn to tackle problems using a range of methods to help build their foundations of mathematical understanding.


 At Carlton Junior and Infant School, we believe that mathematics is a vital skill, concerned with numbers and their properties, relationships between numbers and operations, and with shapes in space and their structure and measurements. It is used to tackle a range of practical tasks and real-life scenarios in order to provide relevance for the pupils. Using the maths mastery approach, children engage with excellent discussion about maths, explaining their thinking using mathematical language. Mathematical concepts are always supported using the ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ approach, enabling all children to experience hands-on learning when discovering new mathematical topics, and allowing them to have clear models and images to aid their understanding. The aim behind this is for pupils to build a solid foundation of mathematical understanding before being capable of calculating new topics without using representations to support them. At Carlton, we aim to develop an ability to solve problems, to reason and to think logically by giving the children confidence in applying a range of different strategies, as well becoming fluent in recalling facts. We aim to do this through providing children with the opportunity to be coherent through building on their previous understanding in small and progressive steps. With this in mind, our aim is to present maths as challenging, exciting, creative and relevant and promote a positive and confident ‘can do’ attitude.


At Carlton, we are committed to providing a challenging, as well as motivating, maths curriculum that is accessible to all. We use NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation materials, alongside their Mastery Professional Development materials, in maths which is enhanced by a wide range of concreate and pictorial resources. These mathematics materials have been designed directly by the Maths Hub which has the aim of providing the best mathematics education to all across the country. This mastery approach ensures a progressive and thorough curriculum from Reception to Year 6. Teachers know which objectives must be taught and assessed in each year group and can follow progressive small steps to ensure children have a comprehensive understanding of maths.

Within lessons, children acquire fluency skills by introducing concepts with the support of concrete and pictorial materials to build pupils solid foundations of mathematical understanding to aid them to progress towards being able to complete the same calculations without this support.

Teachers teach the class as a whole, allow children time to practise and bring the class back together to move on. Differentiated learning is provided through offering a selection of fluency, problem solving and reasoning tasks, followed by pupils being able to access deeper learning challenges to ensure all children reach the learning objective, whilst also stretching and securing understanding for those who have met the lesson’s objective quickly. Teachers use their professional judgement to determine the activities, timing and organisation in each lesson in order to suit the teaching objectives and ensure children understand each small and progressive step.

For pupils who may struggle with parts of the curriculum, adult support, use of additional resources and paired work are used to provide support. Additionally, intervention and consolidation is provided in the afternoon or lunchtime to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding that they may have missed in time for the next lesson.

Maths resources are available and clearly labelled in each classroom, with each class having access to all necessary resources that can support pupils throughout the entire curriculum. This allows children to access them at any point to aid their maths understanding and support them to complete their task independently.


Our approach to teaching and learning of maths at Carlton Junior and Infant School results in a creative and engaging curriculum that embeds understanding and knowledge through hands on, practical activities. Our policy of self-marking and oral feedback within lessons supports children in recognising their strengths and areas for development. Children are encouraged to share their misconceptions or misunderstandings in order to discuss together in a supportive environment and learn from their peers. Discussion and explanation of mathematical thinking is included within lessons which strengthens the use of mathematical language where children are becoming more confident in explaining, justifying and evidencing their thinking.

The impact of our mathematics curriculum is that our children, across all abilities, move through the curriculum at a similar pace. Children are able to engage with mathematical discussions and make links between different domains of their learning. Teachers are encouraged to use their professional judgement at all times, meaning that children are given sufficient time to learn and practise each area of maths before they progress to a different domain.  Formative assessment allows teachers the flexibility to intervene in a lesson to remind, redirect or re-teach pupils as required. We use a range of activities showing evidence of fluency, reasoning and problem solving, incorporating their mathematical thinking. As a result of our maths teaching, feedback, support and interventions, children at Carlton Junior and Infant School aspire to be the best mathematicians they can be and leave the school achieving their full potential with the skills required as they move toward adulthood



Measuring angles... but on the tables! Here our Carlton pupils are finding acute and obtuse angles.

Maths in the snow

Here at Carlton, the weather won't stop us from doing out maths work!


Look at the great work out Year 3s have done making clocks to help us tell the time.


Get down to leaves and buy your items today! Here children are practising buying items and calculating the correct change.

Parent Workshops

Maths isn't just for the children. Here is one of our parent workshops in action where they are taking part in a real maths lesson.

Child teachers

Here our Year 6 mathematicians are teaching their peers maths today.

Maths in EYFS

Early Years are getting involved in maths by grouping different objects.

NSPCC Number Day

Here are some of our children getting involved and enjoying Number Day.


Dienes in action as Year 5 use them to help with their place value work.


Here, Year 4 are using post-it notes to help them understand the meaning of area.

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