Carlton Junior and Infant School

Carlton Junior and Infant School

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Upper Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2DQ

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Behaviour & Attitudes

Behaviour & Attitudes

At Carlton Primary School, our values are extremely important to us and we make sure that they are embedded in all that we do, which ensures we give positive messages about our expectations. Our values are in place to ensure that we establish and maintain high standards of behaviour and as a result, we expect our school to be a safe and harmonious place where children can Dream, Aspire and Achieve… Beyond Excellence.

Our aim is to create a happy, working environment, based on our Carlton values, where pupils feel safe to succeed in their learning and enjoy their play. We want our children to be able to leave Carlton with the skills that will help them become role model citizens in the future. To help us achieve this, we expect parents to work in partnership with the school and embed these values at home.

We have a school Behaviour Policy in school that sets out or systems and rewards which help us to promote and support positive behaviour. This policy includes the sanctions we will use if a child is finding it difficult to behave appropriately.  We believe that behaviour is communication, and if a child does break the rule, we will always try to understand the reasons for this as well as ensuring the child also understands what they have done wrong.

Children are rewarded for good behaviour and our children often respond well to praise. We like to share our children’s success stories with parents through direct communication and assemblies. We are often complimented on the behaviour of our children.

The behaviour of pupils around school is exemplary. There are clear routines which are followed by everyone. In lessons, pupils are diligent and keen to do their best. Pupils told me that bullying is rare. Staff help pupils to repair relationships when pupils find it hard to do so themselves.”– OFSTED 2019 

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Behaviour Statement & Behaviour Policy
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Anti-Bullying Charter

At Carlton, we are working together to create a community that does not tolerate bullying of any kind. Therefore, we have created an Anti-Bullying Charter that will help us prevent and tackle any bullying.

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