Carlton Junior and Infant School

Carlton Junior and Infant School

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Dream - Aspire - Achieve Beyond Excellence

Carlton Junior and Infant School, Upper Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2DQ

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Home Learning

Home Learning

Homework provides a connection between home and school. As parents you have the opportunity to become involved in your child’s education by overseeing what activities and experiences are occurring in the classroom. It offers insights into the difficulties and strengths experienced by your child and provides a specific basis for discussions with the teacher. It offers the chance to praise and support your child in a positive manner.

Homework is also a bridge that joins schools and parents. From the school’s perspective there is the opportunity to monitor your child’s independent progress. For you as parents there is the potential to gain a greater appreciation of education and to express positive attitudes towards your children’s achievement.

Helpful hints:

Please check your child’s book bag regularly, as this is how homework will generally be sent home

Encourage your child to enjoy and complete their homework whilst being sensitive to the times when your child is tired and when tasks become unproductive

Praise your child’s efforts

The role as parents, carers and teachers is to encourage independence and responsibility so: 

Support your child but don’t do it all for them

Be positive about tasks – avoid negative comments that may affect your child’s attitude towards school and homework

Talk to your child’s teacher if you have a question or concern

Your child’s reading record book is a good way to communicate with us if you cannot personally. 

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